2009 DN Memorial Scramble Recap


What an incredibly gorgeous and perfect day it was Friday, June 5th, 2009, for the 14th Annual Delta Nu Scramble.  The Fraters we honor every year were smiling down upon us and making sure of a perfect day.  Mozingo Lake Golf Course played host to the largest DN Memorial Scramble in history with a field of 91 golfers, eclipsing last year’s attendance by 30 golfers.  For pictures from this year's event, please visit 2009 Golf Pictures gallery.

Following check-in and lunch, we started with a memorial to Fraters Lee King, 296, and Pete Greve, 580, both of whom passed away tragically since the 2008 tournament.  We also remembered chapter founding father Art Buckingham, 10, who passed on a couple months prior.  During the event, a video tribute to Frater Dick Wiles, who is in poor health, was recorded and will be given to him very soon. 

During the tournament money was raised for the Peter J. Greve TKE Alumni Scholarship by having a challenge on the fifth hole. This scholarship is awarded to an incoming Northwest freshman who was nominated by a TKE. We also raised money for a future tournament memorial in Lee King’s name through the sale of personal mulligans.  Read more below about all of the money raised during the tournament.

The winning team came into the clubhouse with a blistering 16-under-56, setting the bar lower on the tournament record.  The winners were James Moore 780, John Moore 697, Craig Poldberg 761, and Scott Ooton 810. Each winner was awarded $25 cash.  Eleven pin prizes were also awarded.  Tad Trecker took home the Northwest gift bag and Brooks Swanson won the $25 gift card donated by Carson’s Sports Grille.

The Newsletter that was completed with chapter and alumni updates will be emailed out to everyone and posted on the nwtke.com website. Thank you to everyone that contributed content.

Special thanks to Kevin Malick for handling the giveaways, Steve Brightwell for donating the koozies and golf balls, Brad Shelton and Bob Nielsen for the two signs for Lee and Pete, Bill Reiff and Dan Canchola for being our photographers, Chris Holder for his help at the check-in table, the actives that helped out during the day and a special thanks to Stacia Greve for sitting at Hole 5 all day to help with the fundraiser for the Pete Greve scholarship.

Brent and I thank you all sincerely for participating this year and are already taking about next year’s plans.  At current time, we are looking at the same weekend next year for the tournament. It could be the Friday after Memorial Day, but seems to be a very good weekend to have the event. Please provide feedback to us about this date.  We already know of a couple of people that might not be able to make that date.


Money Raised

Memorial Mulligans - $1,110 was raised from the sale of memorial mulligans; $500 will each go to Lee King and Pete Greve for bricks for the memorial section of the R.W. Wiles Alumni donor wall.  The remaining donations will go to funds for Jay Schug ($70), Steve Healey ($10), Wayne Cherry ($10), Paul Jones ($10) and Ryan Tesdell ($10).

Personal Mulligans and leftovers - $384 was collected from the sale of personal mulligans and trinkets from previous years’ events. Part of these proceeds will go towards something in Lee King’s name for future tournaments.

Peter J. Greve TKE Alumni scholarship - $916 was collected for the Pete Greve Scholarship from the Hole 5 challenge; thanks to Stacia Greve and the actives that helped with the Hole 5 Challenge

After paying for the tournament costs, we made a profit of nearly $1,200. This money will go to an alumni account to fund future golf tournaments and other alumni events, mailers, newsletters, etc.


Tournament Results

56; -16: Team 13a: James Moore 780, John Moore 697, Craig Poldberg 761, Scott Ooton 810

60; -12: Team 03a: Brent Steffens 1384, Carson Riedel (ΔΔ 937), Chad Gamblin 1341, Jason Washam 1320

61; -11: Team 17a: Bruce Barlow 533, Darwin Rold 549, James Waters 557, John Newberry 568

62; -10: Team 01a: Kevin Malick 1143, Michael Reiff 1120, Patrick Halsted 1163, Todd Kraaz 1127

64; -8: Team 15a: Darren Evans 850, Jon Grider 839, Jon Cundiff 805, Mark Witthar 853

65; -7: Team 09a: Dave Teeter 901, Steve Moss 927, Kevin Smith 932, Tony Dorrel 920

67; -5: Team 13b: Alan Nicholas 759, Steve Brightwell 775, Lonnie Sauter 1077, Mark Gerling 1044

67; -5: Team 14a: Bob Noren 910, Ronald Beaver 858, Roger Leeper 851, Kenneth Yeager 826

66; -6: Team 11a: Chad Dressen 1234, Ryan Stadlman 1213, Dave Hockett 1279, Jeremy Greenwalt 1243

66; -6: Team 10b: Brooks Swanson 1494, Nick Brummel 1420, Nathan Welch 1386, Ricky Boedeker 1390

68; -4: Team 04b: Brian Marriott 1158, Ryan Marriott 1315, Eric Burtis 1165, Jerrad Popp 1144

68; -4: Team 05a: James "JT" Sloan 1065, Jason Ayers 1110, Jason McClintock 1113, Scott Witmer 1134

70; -2: Team 18a: Douglas Johnson 295, James Hawkins 294, Larry Gerdes 334, William Reiff 320

71; -1: Team 07b: Max Knudsen 779, Tom Kealy 5003, Greg Kizzier 757, Doug Kinen 756

72; E: Team 08a: Brad Gamble 913, Ed Moscato 886, Joe Saubers 930, Open

72; E: Team 10a: Brian Carroll 1354, Geoff Neill 1342, Mike Hagedorn 1209, Tracy Bottoms 1174

73; +1: Team 17b: Bob Nielsen 640, Brad Shelton 651, Lee Greve 646, Rich Reetz 650

73; +1: Team 16a: Todd Sexton 1518, Josh Grandquist 1540, Logan Noecker 1132, Open

74; +2: Team 02a: Derek Owen 1229, Erik Drake 1306, John Schaad 1211, Patrick Trahan 1207

74; +2: Team 12a: Brandon Meseberg 1514, Ian Denney 1502, Ethan Merrigan, Open

75; +3: Team 07a: George Savage 770, Jeff Taylor 784, Tad Trecker 739, Open

75; +3: Team 04a: Chris Peasley 1248, Jason Klindt 1278, Chris Stigall 1263, Matt Barry 1199

76; +4: Team 01b: Jeff Knipping (EE 343), Kevin Ortner (EE 344), Mike Rasmussen (EE 419), Open

77; +5: Team 06a: Dana Dill 1421, Daniel Tuttle 1425, Dusty Rhodes 1374, Jeff Zeller 1397


Pin Prizes:

1 - “Just Enough” – Closest Drive to the start of the fairway, but in the fairway, used; Chris Stigall

3 - Closest 2nd shot to Green, without going over the green; John Moore

4 - Longest drive in the fairway; Kevin Malick

7 - Longest Putt; John Moore

8 - Closest to Pin; Steve Brightwell

9 - Closest Drive to fairway Sand Trap without going in, but in fairway, used; Joe Saubers

11 - Closest to Pin; Bill Reiff

12 - Longest Drive in Fairway; Darren Evans

14 - Closest 2nd shot to Green; Brooks Swanson

15 - Closest to green without being on, used; Mark Witthar

18 - Longest putt; Eric Burtis