2011 Alumni Work Weekend

Alumni Work Weekend - July 15th and 16th at the TKE house at 555 West 9th Street in Maryville, MO was a huge success.

We had 21 alumni with scroll numbers ranging from 276 to 1384 at the house to help as well as 15 actives .

We attack the following list of repairs in an effort to return the house to the it's former glory days.  We will spend almost $20,000 on repairs and carpet all of it funded by the Property Committee and the Housing Corporation.  A

In an effort to complete all the work, we have scheduled a carpet and vinyl crew to begin on that work the week of July 25th and have scheduled a professional cleaning crew to clean all the bathrooms and all the common areas in the house the week of August 1st.  some of the items we completed are listed below:.

Patch walls, paint walls and ceilings in all suites and all hallways and stairwells

Paint the lower half of the Chapter room and the public bathrooms

Remove all the old carpet to prepare floors for new tile, carpet and sealing

Hang new blinds in the Chapter Room

Replace missing lights in all bedroom rooms, hallways and outside patio

Finish the Board Room countertop and locking doors

Install professional shelving and storage in ritual closet.

Finish men’s bathroom with shelves and storage cabinet

Build frame for new mirrors in ladies bathroom

Replace stained or missing ceiling tiles throughout the house

   Mount more than 36 Composites permanently in the hall ways.

If you would like to learn more about the work we have completed or the efforts we plan in the next several weeks, Please contact Brad Shelton  651 brad.shelton@nwtke.com or Steve Fox 806 tke806@gmail.com or call for more information at 630 240-2758