2011 DN Alumni Reunion at O’Dowd’s

O'Dowd's Little Dublin was the place to be on July 16, 2011!


We had more than 75 people including more than 50 Delta Nu Fraters in attendance at the 10th annual Delta Nu Alumni Association at O'Dowd's on July 16th.  The alumni association provided the appetizers of chicken wings and fingers with a cash bar.

Everyone in attendance had a great time reconnecting with old friends and catching up.  There was much discussion about the Arrowhead game this year and plans have begun for a great gathering at Homecoming this fall.  Please plan to attend one of these Alumni association sponsored events and look for other gatherings in your area over the next several months.

If you are in touch with other Delta Nu Fraters, please forward this link to them and ask them to join you at one of the other social event! 

For information, email or call, Ron Beaver.


Ron Beaver at rb64089@gmail.com