The documents and links on this tab relate to the property of Delta Nu TKE.

Housing Documents in PDF This page contains the current housing agreements and other house related forms in PDF format.

On-Line Active Frater Lease Form  This is to be completed and submitted for anyone that wants to live in the house for the next school year.  It contains the terms and conditions of the lease and requests information about the person signing the lease.

Housing Report Form  This page contains the online form used by the house manager and alumni to evaluate the property on a bi weekly basis.

Virtual Tour of the TKE House  This page is a virtual tour of the 555 West 9th Street TKE House.  It was created on July 15, 2012 and shows the interior and exterior of the property.  This is a great video for prospective new members and parents to see the inside of the property and for alumni that have not yet had the opportunity to visit the TKE House.