PJG Squares Fund Riaser for SuperBowl XLVIII High




Need another reason to cheer on your favorite team in the upcoming Super Bowl?

For just $25 per square you get 4 chances to win $250 - $1,000!

Rules are simple:

1.      Prizes are awarded for the score at the end of each quarter; we use only the last digit.  For instance if the score is NFC Champ 7, AFC Champ 10, $250 will be given to the participant whom has picked NFC - 7 and AFC – 0.

2.     Participants can pick their own square but order of numbers 0-9 will be assigned at random and placed on the grid just prior to the Super Bowl; participants will be emailed the completed grid so they may check during the game to see if they’ve won.

Steps to enter:

  1.  Go to www.nwtke.com/content/peter-j-greve-scholarship
  2. Using increments of $25, pay using a credit card or PayPal for the desired numbers of squares
  3. Once entered, contact Dick Westbrook to select your square(s) at: westbrookrichard@msn.com or call him directly at 515-262-1124 or contact Bert Hoeck at hoeckb@hotmail.com, 712-249-8964.

The chance of winning up to $1000 is enticing but the real reason for entering is to raise money for the PETER J. GREVE MEMORIAL TKE ALUMNI OF NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP.The Scholarship will receive 60% of proceeds and the tax deductible donation will include each participant’s name and their contribution.

Scholarship application deadline (February 1, 2014) is rapidly approaching and we NEED applications so go to www.NWTKE.com for more information.