TKE "Welcome" Scholarship Application

The Tau Kappa Epsilon Alumni chapter at Northwest Missouri State University offers a $100, one-time, award, to be awarded to incoming male freshman that show an interest in joining a fraternity at Northwest.  Applicants do not need to join TKE to receive this award.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must:
- complete the application
- be an incoming male student at Northwest Missouri State University
- have a High School or Transfer GPA of 2.5 or higher


The selection of this scholarship will be based on merit and not financial need.

This information will only be used to communicate with you regarding the status of the scholarship and to request follow up information.  It will not be porovided to any person or group outside of the TKE Northwest Alumni Board of Advisors Scholarship Committee.

The range of information you provide is not limited to this application.  Although nothing additional is required, other information is permitted, including resumes, personal essays, and letters of recommendation.


Only applications sent by August 15, 2017 will be accepted.  The award will be granted prior to September 15, 2017.

Thank you for interest and welcome to the Northwest Missouri State University Greek community! 

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields.

To take a virtual tour of the TKE house, parents and students are encouraged to click on this link to begin the tour.  The date this video was shot is July 12, 2016.  It really does look like this!  Click this link below. 

Take the Virtual Tour of the TKE House at 555 West 9th.


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Please list any awards you were given during high school.

Please list the extra-curricular activities in which you were involved during High School.

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