Triangle Award - Delta Nu Hall of Honor

The TKE Delta-Nu Hall of Honor was designed to recognize those Fraters who have excelled above and beyond expectations in their profession, in their community, within a civic organization or endeavor, with service to Tau Kappa Epsilon on the local level or within the international fraternity or to Northwest Missouri State University.  Significant accomplishments will be honored for areas in a Frater’s  life that truly exhibit the life skills that being a member of the Delta-Nu Chapter of TKE sought to enhance or instill in them during their college years at Northwest Missouri State.

The criteria for the award will be based on, but is not limited to;

·         The Frater’s accomplishments and awards within their specified profession.

·         Accomplishments within their community, civic group or service to others.

·         The Frater’s history of service to his country.

·         Continued service to the Delta-Nu Chapter, the Delta-Nu Alumni, other chapters within TKE or to the TKE International Fraternity.

·         Service or support to Northwest Missouri State while proudly representing TKE.

Additional requirements:

1.       Inductees would be nominated each year, using the attached nomination form.  Nominations would be based on the general criteria stated above and submitted electronically to the Committee.  There would be a link to the form on the alumni page.

2.       Inductees must have graduated or been away from NWMSU for at least 10 year, initiated and signed scroll and in good standing with the local & International fraternity. Posthumous nominations are considered as well.

3.       Nominations are open to any formally initiated TKE Delta-Nu alumnus with a scroll number can nominate another Delta-Nu member or alumnus.

4.       In the first year, a committee of 8 Delta-Nu alumni spanning a range of scroll numbers along with the Chapter Prytanis and the President of the BOA, referred to as the Triangle Award Selection Committee, will nominate and vote on the Inaugural Induction Class. In the following years, this selection committee would gather, review and evaluate the nominations annually.  Those candidates meeting the criteria would be ranked by vote of the selection committee and the top 3 would be notified for possible induction.  The top three potential inductees would be contacted and asked to receive the award.  The Inaugural Class of Induction will be limited to 12 nominees selected by the committee.

5.       Nominations for the Fourth Class of Inductees would begin on January 10, 2018, and ends on February 28, 2018.

6.       ΔN Triangle Award Selection Committee will meet after March 1st, contact the nominees, and ask for their approval for consideration and asked to submit a short biography, picture and other information helpful to the committee.  Nominees accepting the selection will be announced by March 31 of the nomination year by a special communication of the DNAA. 

7.       Induction Ceremony and presentation would be each year at a dinner the evening following the Delta-Nu Memorial Scramble.

8.       Inductees may receive a personalized plaque, have a picture and name plate placed on a plaque at the TKE House, and may have the placement of an inscribed brick in the ΔN Triangle Award Courtyard at the TKE House once construction is completed.  Communication of the award recipients will be full write up in the Delta-Nu Review and The TEKE Magazine.

For the Inaugural Class of 2015, the following candidates were considered and invited to receive this award.

·         DB Owens, 77 - University President, Past Grand hegemon, Life Loyal Teke, Member of TEF

·         JD Hammond, 21 – University Professor, First Chapter Prytanis

·         Richard Wiles, 365 – Chapter Advisor for more than 25 years

·         John Banning, 327 – Silver star winner and died while in service to his country

·         Larry Apple, 325 – Community leader & businessman, BOA president at the time of the building of the West 9th House after the fire in 1996

·         Russ Northup,  - Chapter Advisor, Faculty member at NWMSU, military service

·         Benny Johnson, 104 – Military service and LLT and was member of TEF for several years

·         Pete Greve, 580 – TKE staff 5 years, Community leader & businessman, founded incoming freshman scholarship that now bears his name.

·         Bill Ingels, 608 -

·         Mark Witthar, 853 -

·         Anthony Dorrel, 920 -

·         Steve Moss, 927 -


The class of 2016 was made up of these 5 ΔΝ Fraters

·         Paul White, 76, – Pledge Class 1956 Fall

·         David R. Hansen, 81 – Pledge Class 1956 Fall

·         Orlo G. Shroyer , 281 – Pledge Class 1962 Spring

·         Jerry R. Knauss, 345 – 1964 Spring

·         Kevin J. Smith, 932 – 1983 Spring


The class of 2017 indutees were these 5 ΔΝ Fraters

·         Bob Cotter, 212

·         Keith J. Jorgensen, 438

·         Stephen R. Eckard, 536

·         Brad Shelton, 651

·         Daniel R. Canchola, 873