Happy Founders Day 2012

Fraters of Delta Nu,

On January 10, 1899 our great fraternity was born and some 58 years ago on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University one of the finest chapters was started!  On behalf of the men of the Board of Alumni Advisors of the Delta-Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, we want to provide all of you an update on the chapter on this day that celebrates the beginning of our great fraternity. I apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but we do have a great deal of good news to share!

House Fire

As you know we had a fire at the house the day before actives were to begin moving into the house. The fire was intentionally set.  Unfortunately no one has been charged in the incident. Naturally, we had to work quickly to help 31 young men find a place to live. In true Delta Nu fashion, our creative and resourceful active chapter figured it out. They had an offer from the university for on campus housing that was less than desirable so the actives scrambled and found housing for everyone. This was no small feat considering the timing of the fire. 

Frater Billy Ingels

The Board is pleased to report that with the tireless support of Frater Bill Ingels, #508, all but two of the suites will be open and occupied by the time you get this letter!  We all owe Frater Ingels an incalculable debt of gratitude. Thank you Frater for all you have done. On behalf of the entire chapter, past and present, please know that we are all grateful for your incredible support. Not only is Frater Ingels repairing the house, we have been able to address issues that have caused problems since the house was originally built. Additionally, a fire suppression system (sprinklers) has been installed throughout the house which will make it the safest fraternity house on campus and one of the safest in America. Look for a link on the web site to see pictures of the house. You simply won’t believe it!

Alumni Meeting, March 3rd

I would also like to invite all alumni to come to a special open house and Alumni Association meeting at the TKE House,  March 3rd from 1:00-3:00 pm. This will be a great opportunity to see the house, catch up with some old friends and hear how we plan to keep this incredible structure in outstanding condition. We will have more supervision in the form of a paid professional property manager. This person’s duties include check in and out of the house and making frequent visits to the property with scheduled reporting back to the BOA. Between now and March 3rd, stop by the house and complete an online survey posted at www.nwtke.com/content/tke-house-status-report . If we teach these men what we expect, we will be successful in keeping up the property in excellent condition. That is exactly what Dick Wiles used to do.  We would love to tell you more so grab a pledge brother and make plans to attend the meeting in March. Please RSVP to brad.shelton@nwtke.com regrets only.


With much hard work and planning, the chapter is in a strong financial position. Working closely with the Board, the officers are making sure all fees are being collected and that sound fiscal policies are being followed. As an alumnus, I want to make sure all the monies paid to the chapter are properly accounted for and wisely spent. We believe that by working closely with the undergraduate chapter we are accomplishing that goal.


Active Chapter

The active chapter had another strong year recruiting new members taking over 27 new members. These new members go through an extensive program of training to make sure we have young men in the fraternity that understand our ideals. We are VERY PROUD of the active chapter. Over the summer just prior to the fire, we had done extensive work on the house - painting the entire interior, new carpets and extensive cleaning. The actives were right there with the alumni making it happen. Then, the devastating fire occurred the day before they were to move in!  Not only were they resilient enough to “shake that off” they went on to do an outstanding job of recruitment and keeping the chapter moving forward without a chapter house!  These young men have done a great job exemplifying the ideals of the Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon.



Watch your email for "Super Bowl Squares" - your chance to win up to $1,000 and help contribute to the Peter J. Greve Scholarship Fund!  This year's fund raiser will pay out $250 per quarter during the upcoming Super Bowl.  For $25 per square, you get four chances to win up to $1,000.  This is a tax deductible donation with the balance of the proceeds going towards the scholarship.  Watch your email for details. Remember, February 1 is the deadline for scholarship applications.  If you know of a deserving high school senior, direct them to www.nwtke.com/content/scholarship to view the application.  I encourage you to forward this application to another TKE alumnus, a teacher, a guidance counselor, or a friend who may know someone who plans to attend NWMSU in the fall.



Our alumni support has never been better, although we still have a huge opportunity to do more. At present we have 183 men that have joined the DNAA. With approximately 1,500 alumni we have lots of opportunity to grow our association membership. Dues are $50 for one year, $75 for two years or $105 for three years. This money is used solely for the benefit of the alumni. Our goals are simple - re-connect old friends and provide guidance to the active chapter. Consider joining your alumni association and provide the financial support for the social and informational programs targeted toward the alumni of Delta Nu. 


On-line Museum

In 2012, we plan to create an on-line museum that will house photos that will bring back great memories for all of us. If you have any photos you would like to share we need them in a digital format. Start getting those great old pictures together and we will communicate more on how we plan to make this plan a reality.

As you can see great things continue to happen at Delta Nu on the active side and with the alumni. I want to thank you all of your continued support.

On this anniversary of our great fraternity and on behalf of the entire Board of Advisors, we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.


Yours in the Bond,

Mark B. Witthar

Scroll #853

Chairman, Board of Advisors - Delta-Nu Chapter

For more information on the annual alumni association meeting or the open house, go to NWTKE.com and look for the link.