Housing Contract

Here is the link to the 2021-22 Housing Contract for TKE Delta Nu Housing Corp.  This is the dcoument to use for the 2021-22 school year.
Click to open the PDF and print out.  Please read the entire document, then sign the last 2 pages and give them to the House Manager along with a check for your refundable $300 security fee. For those currently living in the House, we will use the security fee already on file.
For the remainder of this year, we have provided the link to the 2020-21 Housing Contract for TKE Delta Nu Housing Corp.
This would be the one to use for anyone moving into the house before Feb 2020.
2021-22 Annual Lease V3 with Exh A and B.pdf112.19 KB
2020-21 Annual Lease Final.pdf85.88 KB