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This page is to help you to set up a Delta Nu Alumni Association member account with a user name and password.

In order to get access to the Frater Locator and some of the other "hidden" services on the web site, you must set up this account, verify your personal information and once set up, log on to the site.
IMPORTANT: In order to create an account, all fields must be completed. (For more detailed instructions, open the Account Setup Document attached below.)
Enter your account information:
a.  Username:   Enter a user name that you can easily remember. You will need to use this to login and this is your identity on the website.
b.  Email Address:   Enter your preferred email address to receive messages, updates and news from the website and the alumni association. You will need to use this email account to verify yourself after registering as well as if you ever need to request a new password.
c.  First Name: Please enter your first name
d.  Last Name: Please enter your last name
e.  Scroll Number: Please enter your scroll number
f.   Captcha: Please answer the math question
f.   Click on the Create new account button
g.  You will be returned to the website home page
h.  If your last name and scroll number match the information in the Delta Nu database and you enter a valid email address, an email will be sent to the email address you supplied with a temporary password and instructions to complete registration.
The temporary password is necessary for logging in to your account so you can set up your permanent password. These steps are necessary to ensure that your information is protected.
To set up your account, click here:
For more information or instructions, click on the Account Setup Document (either .doc or .pdf) or send an email to

You must be an active or alumni member of TKE at Northwest Missouri State University in order to register to view secure content on this site.



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