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Virtual Tour of the TKE House

The virtual tour is now available for the newly renovated TKE House at 555 West 9th Street.

Delta NU Tekes near the Wild Fire in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Fire.jpg

Fraters Benny Johnson (DN 104) and Brent Phillips (DN 976) both live very close to the wildfires burning in Colorado Springs.

As you can see by the map, both have their homes very close to the fire as of yesterday.  We are hopeful they and their families are spared.

Should we hear of any needs from these men or others in the area, that we as Tekes can assist with, we will put out the call through the Delta Nu TKE Alumni Association to help however possible.  Once we know more about their situations, we will post that here.


Picutres of the 12th Annual Delta Nu TKE Gathering in Kansas City are now on-line

With more than 20 Delta Nu alumni in attendance, the just completed Summer Party / Reunion / Gig / Conclave / Soiree / Gathering was a success. 

Susie & Scott Keilbey, DN 666 hosted the gig at their home. If you have attended one of our Summer parties at their home before, they set out a good spread.

Thanks to Scott and Susie for their hospitality and thanks to DNAA Social Chairman Kevin Kemmerer for setting this event up.  Hope to see you there next year.

Delta Nu Museum is LIVE!!!!

Smugmug Log in

TKE On-Line Museum was created to store and view photos and videos related to Delta Nu and its history.  Click Here to access the site.

The site contains several folders that each contain pictures and video for each era.  Click on the words to the right of the thumbnail and you will enter that set of photos.  Let us know what you think and how we can improve the site.

Details on the TKE House Rededication


Please plan to attend the Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon House Rededication and Luncheon on Saturday, June 2, 2012 starting at 10:30 AM.

Members, Parents, Guests and Alumni will be offered a brief tour of the recently remodeled TKE Chapter House and a Rededication Ceremony, followed by a luncheon at 12:15.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend this event and help us celebrate our "Opportunity out of Adversity" .

Happy Founders Day 2012

Fraters of Delta Nu,

On January 10, 1899 our great fraternity was born and some 58 years ago on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University one of the finest chapters was started!  On behalf of the men of the Board of Alumni Advisors of the Delta-Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, we want to provide all of you an update on the chapter on this day that celebrates the beginning of our great fraternity. I apologize in advance for the length of this letter, but we do have a great deal of good news to share!

House Fire

Brock Spinner, Gunner Sumy and Michael Russell win TEF Scholarships

3 Delta Nu Fraters are winners of 2012 Teke Education Foundation Scholarships!

The Teke Education Foundation is pleased to announce that  Brock Spinner - Northwest Missouri State University, Delta-Nu Chapter  was named to the All-Teke Academic Team 2012 and will receive  the William V Muse Scholarship as well.

Gunnerson Sumy - Delta-Nu, Northwest Missouri State University  is the winner of the Lon G. Justice Scholarship

Open House on March 3rd an Huge Success

On March 3rd, we had more than 75 alumni and guests along with more than 75 actives come together to for an guided tour of the newly renovated house and chapter room.  Light refreshments were served and all that attended had a delightful time.  There was a 30 minute presentation by the Board of Advisors and several active chapter members that covered the state of the chapter, house and alumni association.

The Red Door is back!

The red door is back at the TKE house and has replaced the gray one we’ve had for the last 11 years!.  As the work continues, we will begin posting pictures of the construction on this web site.  Let us know your thoughts.  The photo gallery is available at

New Frater Lounge

A new Frater lounge is near competition.  It will contain a big screen TV with surround sound, several couches and a place for TKE plaques and other chapter history.  Completion date on this is January 3 as the 26 men move into the west half of the house to begin the 2nd semester.

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