Below is a narrative to help you during your calls. It has all the information we feel is important to communicate to get everyone up-to-speed on this year’s Alumni Weekend. During your calls, please use the form below to update each frater’s profile information so we can successfully deliver more communications in the future.

Message to leave if no answer.
Frater NAME, this is (YOUR NAME) calling to share some information about upcoming TKE social events sponsored by the TKE Delta-Nu Alumni Association. When you have a few minutes, give me a call at (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) and I’ll share the details and dates of the events. I look forward to connecting, and hope to see you at the 70th Anniversary Alumni Weekend.

Narrative when you connect with Frater
I am calling to connect with you one-on-one and personally let you know what’s in store for TKE Delta-Nu in 2024.

We’re excited about this year. TKE International is celebrating 125 years…and Delta-Nu is celebrating 70 years of being a chapter at Northwest. (Founded in 1954)

There are 2 major alumni events the Alumni Association is hosting:

  1. Homecoming on October 19th (TKE Chapter is dialing up homecoming activities this year)
  2. And the one I want to be sure you know about is the 70th Anniversary Celebration that will be held during the annual Delta-Nu Alumni Weekend & Memorial Golf Tournament at the end of May.

Have you attended the Alumni Golf Tournament before?
• IF YES – When was the last year you were there?

Do you play golf?
• IF YES – Oh nice! Every year, the golf outing gets a little bit bigger and little bit better.

• IF NO – Well the good news is that the Alumni Weekend and has become much more than just a golf tournament. This year during golf, we’re setting up a “Heckling Hole” for non-golfers to gather, socialize, and give the golfers hell when they come through. So even if you don’t play, it’ll be one heck of a good time!

For this year’s Alumni Weekend, we will get things started on Thursday, with the main events on Friday (golf + TKE House Party) and Saturday to celebrate 70 years of TKE. Fraters from all eras [especially ours] are coming into town (Maryville) to gather throughout the weekend. [Insert names of key fraters you’ve recruited.]

Here’s the schedule and event lineup:
• The Johnny U “warm up” golf tournament is on Thursday at 1:15 pm
• The Memorial Golf tournament is on Friday, May 31 at Mozingo Lake Golf Course. A casual welcome dinner will follow.
• Then there’s a “House Party” scheduled for Friday night at the TKE House. It’s BYOB.
• On Saturday, June 1, we’ll be at the TKE House for a Backyard BBQ and Bags Tournament – food, games, music, etc. to give everyone a chance to catch up and reminisce about stories of “back in your day”.

• Saturday night, we have the 70th Anniversary Celebration Banquet, which will be on campus at the Student Union Grand Ballroom. There will be a cocktail hour, dinner, a few guest speakers…AND we’ll also host the 2024 TKE Triangle Awards, which recognizes outstanding alumni. Oh, and a live auction fundraiser for the TKE Education Scholarship Fund.

Were you at the 50th or 60th Anniversary Celebrations?
IF YES: Great! We’re gonna capture that same magic, and add a few twists.
IF NO: Well, this is one of the best events we hold as alumni, so you should definitely make a point to attend.

Your spouse or significant other is welcome to join!
Besides joining for the TKE House Party, Saturday BBQ and 70th Banquet, we have a Friday Night Winery trip set up at a new winery in Maryville. And on Saturday morning you and they can take a walking tour of the Northwest campus. There are so many new additions over the years that will certainly be worth seeing!

As you can see, there is a full weekend of events scheduled, so your trip to the ‘Ville will be worth it. We have several accommodations options for you to choose from:

• We’ve blocked rooms at Cobblestone out at Mozingo; the Holiday Inn, and other hotels. You should call now to reserve a room.

• You have the opportunity to stay on campus in the Perrin Hall Dorm for only $30/night, which is within walking distance to the TKE House and the 70th Banquet at the Student Union. Reservations can be made when you register and pay for the weekend.

• Or you can claim a room at the TKE House for only $100 and be in the middle of the action throughout the weekend.

We got you covered with plenty of sleeping options!

I know this was a lot of information, but rest assured, I’m going to follow up with you with an email with these details.

I’m excited we had a chance to connect! Registration will be opening up soon, so be on the lookout for my follow-up, and other communications from TKE Delta-Nu.

Registration cut-off is May 1. So be sure to get registered this month while it’s top-of-mind. After May 1, we aren’t able to add anyone to the banquet or stay in Perrin Hall.


I want to be sure we have all your updated information so that you’re getting all the necessary info and ongoing communications.

• What is the best email for you?

• If we do a mailer, what’s your current address?

• We are going to send some text reminders and updates. Would you be open to text messages? Is this your best mobile number?

Last thing — What are the names of three guys I should be sure to call and make sure they have this info? [Capture names]
Are you in contact with them?
• IF YES – Can you reach out to them and spread the word?
• IF NO – I’ll be sure to get them on my call list.

It was great talking with you. And we’ll see you in a few months in Maryville!