Delta Nu Donation Opportunities

Through Tau Kappa Epsilon and Northwest Missouri State University, there are four donation opportunities for Fraters to ‘give back’, both to the college experience and the TKE experience. In all cases, these donations are tax-deductible and the donations can do directly to Delta Nu, to a Delta Nu undergraduate member or to a future Northwest student.
Here are the four opportunities available to you. To read more specifics on each and to donate, please click on the title of the one in which you are interested.

TKE House Capital Improvements Fund

(through the Delta Nu Alumni Assn.)  Non Tax Deductible
The “TKE House Capital Improvement Fund” provides support only for “Capital Improvements” to the fraternity house. Contributions to the “TKE House Capital Improvement Fund” will be recognized in the form of Bricks on the “The Richard W. Wiles (ΔN 365) Teke for Life Alumni Donor Wall”, commemorating Fraters’ contribution to the future of Delta Nu’s physical presence at Northwest Missouri State University.

You can view the virtual by clicking on this link:  The Richard W. Wiles Teke for Life Alumni Virtual Donor Wall


Delta-Nu Special Projects

(through the TKE Educational Foundation) Tax Deductible
The Special Projects fund can be used for special purposes, such as educational-related or leadership-based programs, such as Conclave or a Regional Leadership Conference, or even for housing improvements. This account is primarily funded by Delta-Nu alumni through direct donations or through Life Loyal Teke enrollments. 


The TKE Scholarship for Delta Nu Actives was established by Delta Nu in 1989 through the Northwest Foundation and is still the only scholarship fund from a Northwest fraternity. This scholarship is given out on an annual basis. The TKE Scholarship provides between $600 to $750 scholarships to applicants living in the TKE House, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or must be a sophomore or older and be paid in full with TKE.  We offer a one time $300 scholarship to all new fall members who maintian a 3.0 GPa during new member training. And we provide a $1,000 scholarship to one incoming freshman male before recruitment begins in the fall of the current school year.

The Peter J. Greve TKE Alumni Scholarship was established by a group of Delta Nu alumni with the goal of promoting Northwest Missouri State, TKE and the achievement of a college education. This is a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded to an incoming freshman/graduating high school senior. To be eligible, applicants must have maintained a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above from ninth grade through the first semester of their senior year. The applicant must be an accepted entering freshman by Northwest Missouri State University and nominated by a TKE alumnus. No specific major is required.