The “TKE House Capital Improvement Fund” provides support only for “Capital Improvements” to the fraternity house. Contributions to the “TKE House Capital Improvement Fund” will be recognized on the The Richard W. Wiles (ΔN 365) Teke for Life Alumni Donor Wall” in the form of Bricks placed on the wall, commemorating Fraters’ contribution to the future of Delta Nu’s physical presence at Northwest Missouri State University.

To view the current roster of Fraters with bricks on the Donors Wall, please click HERE.

Plans for this fund, once properly funded, include both short (1-3 yrs.) and long term (5-10 yrs.) permanent improvements to the house and grounds. The Board of Advisors is currently compiling a list of ideas, big and small to add to our house and improve its functionality, durability and overall fraternity experience for our members and alumni.
Funds will NOT be used for ongoing operating expenses, utilities, mortgage payments, etc. Per the Board of Alumni Advisors, those expenses rest solely on the shoulders of the active chapter through collection of rent and parlor fees from the chapter members.

Capital Improvement Chairman: Keith Jorgensen, ΔN 438,

Memorial Funds and Bricks

Fraters can donate to Delta Nu in the name of Fraters that have entered the Chapter Eternal.  Once a Memorial Fund reaches $500, a brick will be placed on the Dick Wiles Donors Wall in the chapter room of the TKE House. Funds donated to Memorial Funds go towards settlement of the note on the TKE House.  Memorial Mulligans sold at the annual Delta Nu Memorial Scramble go towards Memorial Funds.

Donors Bricks
Originated fifteen years ago with the construction of the new TKE House and continuing today with donations to the chapter, donors will receive a brick engraved with their name and scroll once their donation level reached $500 or $1,000.

Capital Improvements Fund

To donate to the Capital Improvements Fund, enter the amount you would like to donate, optional “In the Name of”, then click the Paypal button to donate.


To send a check directly to these funds, please make the check payable to:

Delta Nu Alumni Association

And mail it to: 

Delta Nu Alumni Association
1805 Arabian Avenue
Naperville, IL 60565
Attention: Brad Shelton

And in the memo line of the check, list the purpose of the fund, such as: Capital Improvements Fund