DATE UPDATED:   March 6, 2010                                                SCROLL #:281
NAME: Orlo G. Shroyer
CURRENT ADDRESS: 928 Jason Road, Box 105061, Jefferson City, MO 65110
PREVIOUS PLACES LIVED:    Guthrie Center, IA; Savannah, MO; Montgomery City, MO; Chillicothe, MO
BIRTHDATE: March 12, 1942                      BIRTHPLACE:    Monteith, IA
YEAR PLEDGED: Spring, 1962                     YEAR GRADUATED:   1965
Masters Degree in Education, Northwest Missouri State University, 1969
Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration, University of Missouri, 1987
CAREER SUMMARY: I began my professional career teaching junior high industrial arts in 1965 in Savannah, MO.   After 14 years, I moved to Montgomery City, MO in 1979 to be Superintendent of Schools.   In 1988, I moved to Chillicothe, MO as Superintendent of Schools and retired from that position in 1995. I joined the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as Assistant Commissioner for Instruction in 1995 and in 2000 I was named the Deputy Commissioner of Education for Missouri. I retired from that position in 2003 and then worked as a consultant for Edison Schools until I retired again in 2008. I now work full-time for my wife doing whatever she says. My sincere wish is that everyone gets to enjoy retirement as much as I am.
FAMILY BIOGRAPHY: On August 3, 1963, I married Karen Purdy. It must have been destiny that we would get married.   We have a picture on our refrigerator taken when she was almost 1 and I was 3 standing side by side. Karen taught first grade for 19 years.  We have one son, Whitney.   He was a National Merit Scholar and graduated from the University of Missouri. He is married, but we don’t have any grandchildren and since both our son and daughter-in-law are 40 we are about to give up.   Whitney lives in Asheville, NC, where he is a writer and has an on-line record business. He has one book published, “Sock Monkey Dreams.”    You should Google it and buy in from Amazon com. (Pardon the commercial.)
SPECIAL INTERESTS: I enjoy playing golf and my wife and I enjoy gardening and traveling. We have traveled several places around the globe as well as in the USA.   We have an RV that drag around the country.   Life is good.
HONORS OR RECOGNITION: One of the nicest honors I have received was an Honorary Doctorate of Pedagogy from NWMSU.   It was awarded when I gave the summer commencement address at NWMSU in August, 2003. I have been named Superintendent of the Year and received several civic and professional awards.