The web site contains tons of historical information on Delta Nu.  The Photo Gallery and Delta Nu Museum contain more than 2,000 photos of the early history of the chapter, the house, alumni and undergraduates, pictures of composites, scroll, and an archive of all the Delta Nu Reviews produced since 1954!!! 

There is the complete history of the chapter and of the DN Memorial Scramble Golf Tournament held every year in late May or early June that has become a tradition for more than 23 years.

These is information about ways to support the house and other donation opportunities, join the Delta Nu Alumni Association and ways that you can reconnect with long lost fraters.

We encourage you explore the web site and we thank you for reading!  Remember, if you have any news about an event, yourself or a fellow Frater, be sure to send your news to!


Brad Shelton, 651, Delta Nu Alumni Association