DATE UPDATED:  5-28-2010                                                                              SCROLL #: 735
NAME:    Hal R. Martens
CURRENT ADDRESS:    PO Box 671336, Chugiak, Alaska 99567
PREVIOUS PLACES LIVED:   The ‘ville, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Mexico (until the second time I got arrested), and the North Slope of Alaska (as far from Mexico as I could get).
BIRTHDATE:     1955                                             BIRTHPLACE: SW Iowa
 YEAR PLEDGED:   1975                                     YEAR GRADUATED:   1978
ADDITONAL EDUCATION:     I’ve attended 3 colleges/universities and have 2 degrees but for some reason “Yes dear” stands out as one the most important continuing education lesson.
CURRENT OCCUPATION:     Sr. Project Engineer with Schlumberger/MI Swaco. Officially I’m a chemical and hydraulic engineer. Currently lead the special projects group in Alaska. Contracted to ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Eni for my projects. We do the fun high tech stuff.  According to the internet knowledge currently doubles every 72 hours. Our job is to put this to the test.
CAREER SUMMARY:     Schlumberger and MI Swaco for the last 30 years. 
FAMILY BIOGRAPHY:     Married with two daughters. My wife was born in Portugal and attended FSU prior to coming to Alaska for her second degree at APU. We have been married for 25 years, but I’m not sure how much longer she can put up with me. 
My oldest daughter is currently attending NWMSU with a double major of History and Philosophy. She won the “All American Music Festival” in Orlando, Florida when she was in 6th grade and plans to get her Masters Degree in Education.
My youngest will be starting NWMSU in the Fall of 2010. She won 1st place at the Alaska State Trap shooting meet when she was 17.   She has signed up for the Trap & Skeet shooting class at NWMSU for her PE requirement – I’m assuming easy “A”.
SPECIAL INTERESTS:   Mostly I do “honey do’s”. But when I get a chance I do one of the following: photography, woodworking, snowmobiles (snow machining in AK lingo), jet boats, GS motorcycles (

–TKE is my profile name if ya want to search my posts), alpine skiing, downhill skiing, trap & skeet shooting, and “oh yeah” fishing and hunting, white water canoeing, hiking, 4 wheeling, and of course poaching when time allows. 
HONORS OR RECOGNITION:    Hey I’ve been married for 25 years I no longer expect honors or recognition 😉