Here is the latest Delta Nu Review for TKE at Northwest Missouri State University from the Delta Nu Alumni Association.  This is the most recent document since the spring of 2021 back in February!!

As we transition to a post Covid world, it is important to reconnect with our fellow fraters.  As society starts to open back up, we offer you the Delta Nu Review to provide updates on Delta Nu Alumni activities and upcoming events. Please enjoy and we hope to see you at upcoming events!

We have lots going on so please check out these documents and web pages.

And check out the Ode to 222 as we remember the fire that took the house on November 16, 1996.  This November 16th marks the 25th anniversary of the fire that began on the south side of the third floor, destroyed that floor and rendered the entire structure a complete loss. The fire was declared accidental by the fire marshal but we all surprised it had not happened sooner!!!

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