What is the Hall of Honor?

The Delta Nu Hall of Honor Triangle Award was established in 2015 to recognize those Fraters who have excelled above and beyond expectations in their profession, in their community, within a civic organization or endeavor, with service to Tau Kappa Epsilon on the local level or within the international fraternity or to Northwest Missouri State University.  Significant accomplishments will be honored for areas in a Frater’s  life that truly exhibit the life skills that being a member of the Delta-Nu Chapter of TKE sought to enhance or instill in them during their college years at Northwest Missouri State University.

Triangle Inductees must be nominated by their Delta-Nu Alumni brothers and then go through a selection process outlined below

Who has been inducted into the Hall of Honor?

Congratulations to the four most recent Fraters selected to the TKE Delta Nu Hall of Honor making up the Class of 2023.  All have shown outstanding leadership and commitment in their selected field of work, service to their community and continued support of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Delta Nu in particular. 

Triangle Award – Hall of Honor Inductees by Class

Class of 2023

                                           Larry Gerdes – 334               Steve Brightwell – 775         David Teeter – 901       Brent Steffens -1384                          


Class of 2022

                                           E.L.Reed – 96                       Roger Tullberg – 856


Class of 2021

                                           Ed Phillips -459                    Ron Woolsey – 633              Jon Cundiff – 805           Joe Saubers – 930


Class of 2020

       Steve Searcy – 673                John Moore –   697               David Cox – 960


Class of 2019

Dwight Grantham  – 125       James Hawkins – 294           Leroy King – 296          Bobbie Nielsen – 640


Class of 2018

Richard Dinkel – 13                 Ed Propst – 276                   Bruce Barlow – 533             

                                           Jeffrey McNeely – 818            Michael Reiff – 1120 


Class of 2017

Robert Cotter – 212                Keith Jorgensen – 438         Stephen Eckard – 536         

Brad Shelton – 651               Dan Canchola – 873


Class of 2016

Paul White – 76                      David Hansen – 81               Orlo Shroyer – 281              

Jerry Knauss – 345               Kevin Smith – 932

Inaugural Class – 2015

James D. Hammond – 21    B.D. Owens – 77                   Benny Johnson – 104          Larry Apple – 325

John Banning – 327              Paul Russ Northup -350     Richard Wiles – 365             Billy Ingels – 508

Peter Greve – 580                Mark Witthar – 853               Anthony Dorrel – 920           Stephen Moss – 927

Who is eligible for Induction?

The criteria for the award will be based on, but is not limited to;

·         The Frater’s accomplishments and awards within their specified profession.

·         Accomplishments within their community, civic group or service to others.

·         The Frater’s history of service to his country.

·         Continued service to the Delta-Nu Chapter, the Delta-Nu Alumni, and other chapters within TKE or to the TKE International Fraternity.

·         Service or support to Northwest Missouri State while proudly representing TKE.

Triangle Award Process

I.          Triangle Award Nomination Committee

a.   The nomination process for each new class of inductees will begin during the month of November with the formation of each year’s Triangle Award Selection Committee.  Every effort will be made to have at least one representatives from each decade on the selection committee.  Each member will be asked to serve their choice of one, two or three year terms.

b.   The Triangle Award Selection Committee will gather, review and evaluate the nominations for each new class of initiates.  The information collected on each candidate meeting the criteria will be shared with all members of the selection committee and past award winners.

c.     Nominations for each new class of inductees will be completed by the end of February of that year.

II.         Nomination and Voting Process

a.   New Triangle Award candidates will be nominated each year.  Nominations will be based on the general criteria stated in the criteria for the Triangle Award and submitted to the Triangle Award Selection Committee.  There is a link to a nomination form on the alumni page (www.nwtke.com).

b.    Inductees must have graduated or been away from NWMSU for at least 10 year, initiated and signed scroll and in good standing with the local and International fraternity. Posthumous nominations are considered as well.

c.     Any formally initiated TKE Delta-Nu alumnus with a scroll number can nominate another Delta-Nu member or alumnus for the Triangle Award.

d.    ΔN Triangle Award Selection Committee will meet after March 1st , via a phone conference.  All nominees for that year’s new class of possible inductees will be discussed with those meeting the criteria being identified.  A vote by the selection committee will be held to select those members of the class of inductees for that year.  The goal is to select three to five new inductees each year.

e.    Once new potential inductees are identified, each will be assigned to a member(s) who will be responsible for contacting the new nominee to:

1.    ask if they will accept the invitation to be inducted in the Hall Of Honor,

2.    asked if they can provide a short biography,

3.    asked to provide a portrait picture, preferably in a suit,

4.    and if they will be able to attend the Induction Ceremony.

f.     Nominees accepting the selection will be announced by March 31 of the nomination year by a special communication of the DNAA.  A special communication will be sent to each new inductee’s pledge class members inviting them to come and help celebrate this honor for their pledge brother.

III.           Induction Ceremony and Award

a.    An Induction Ceremony and presentation will be held each year at a dinner and awards ceremony on the evening of the Delta-Nu Memorial Scramble.

b.    Inductees will receive a personalized Triangle Award trophy, have their picture hung on the Hall of Honor at the TKE House, and have their biography framed and on display in the trophy case at the TKE House.  Communication of the award recipients will be full write up in the Delta-Nu Review.

How do I nominate a Frater for the Hall of Honor?

Click Here to complete the Nomination Form online


What is the timeline for this year’s award?

Delta Nu Hall of Honor – Triangle Award Time Line 2024




Establish Hall of Honor – Triangle Award Committee


Identify voting members:  Committee and past award winners

Mid November

Email blast to DNAA seeking nominations for Triangle Award

November 18

All nominations due


Research each nominee and identify those that meet the criteria


Assign each nominee to a committee member; collect info needed

By February 28

Share information collected with all voting members of the selection committee and past winners

After March 1

Conference with committee to select new inductees


Contact each new award recipient


Collect consent to receive the award, if they can attend the induction ceremony, send a biography and photo

March 31

Email blast to all alumni to announce new HOH inductees for that year


Format all biographies and photos for framing


Dinner and HOH induction ceremony following the TKE Annual Golf Outing at Mozingo Golf Course